By using ATO powder and good quality of polymer materials, we are doing ATO based and bromined compound masterbatch through the twin screw extruder. Shandong Brother is always trying to keep accurate content of FR material inside our masterbatch and guarantee no other additives used. Therefore, we strongly want to introduce our ATO masterbatch to the compounder customers about using our masterbatch for better dispersion performance, saving loss, easier handling for using and improve environment compare with powder type.
1. Raw material requirements
  Antimony trioxide
 Sb2O3 As Pb Fe Ni Cu Cd Se
99.8% <0.04% <0.04% <30ppm <10ppm <10ppm <5ppm <10ppm
  Hg Particle size Colour L  a  b Black Spot 50µm sieve
<10ppm 0.6-1.2 µm white >94 (-0.5,+0.5) 1.5-2.5 ≤10 ≤0.008%
‚  PP
Melt flow index Yield point tensile strength Breaking point elongation Flexural modulus Hardness
25 g / 10 min 350 Kg/cm2  > 200% 14500 Kg/cm2 100 R-Scale
Izod Impact Strength Heat deflection temperature Shrinkage UL94 Specific gravity
2.8Kg-cm /cm 110℃ 1.4~1.8% 1/16 "HBAll Color 0.9
 2.  Masterbatch specification
Model Appearance SB2O3 content Carrier   Melting point carrier Size
XZ-MBATO998PP white 80±1% 20±1% 220℃ PP 2mm-4mm
3. Edges points
√.   Dust free to protect workers and workshop.
√    0 loss by handling and using to compound extruder.
√    The better dispersion since the extruder produce will make FR performance better.
√    Better melting flow since the masterbatch misture in extruder compound.
√    Easier handling and easier to wash the compound facilities.
4.  Application
For PP compounding application.
5  Packaging
25 kg /bag,  1000 kg/bag, PE plastic film inside, paper-plastic composite film outside.