The masterbatch was made from DBDPE(Decabromodiphenyl Ethane) and PP resin. The masterbatch is produced by twin screw extruder and blending the DBDPE & PP resin for granule shaping. The raw material of flame retardant DBDPE has very good thermal stability and high bromine content making it a prime candidate for high temperature applications. It exhibits good UV resistance and hence is suitable for use in many applications requiring color stability.
1.DBDPE Parameters
Bromine Content % Whiteness MeltingPoint   Volatiles  % ≤  Free Bromine  ppm≤ Particle Size µm ≤
81-82 88 345 0.1 10 5
2. Masterbatch specification
Model Appearance DBDPE content Carrier      Melting point carrier Size
XZ-MB8270PP White 70±1% 30±1% 310℃ PP 2mm-4mm
XZ-MB8280PP White 80±1% 20±1% 310℃ PP 2mm-4mm
3. Edges points
√   Dust free to protect workers and workshop.
√   0 loss by handling and using to compound extruder.
√   The better dispersion since the extruder produce will make FR performance better.
√   Better melting flow since the masterbatch misture in extruder compound.
√   Easier handling and easier to wash the compound facilities.
4.  Application & Using instruction.
For PP flame retardant compound in extrusion process.
It is not acutely toxic and teratogenic, no harmful to the environment can be used in the formulation of products meeting European dioxin ordinances.
5  Packaging
25 kg /bag,  1000 kg/pallet. Or depends on customers’ requests.