Greatbay XZ-65T

Greatbay XZ-65M is mainly suitable for single and double screw type insulation board production equipment.The content of the composite flame retardant reached to 80%.It has excellent thermal stability and good dispersibility, lower dosage, easy to foam, easy to squeeze, good flame retardant effect, safety, environmental protection, etc.It has good compatibility with PS plastic.It also has a good processing fluidity.The flame retardant masterbatch thoroughly solved using irregular uneven, powder mixing of problem.At the same time, simplify the production process, reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency, improve the working environment, reduce the equipment corrosion.
Item Index
Appearance whitish grain
flame retardant content,% 80
Moisture,% 0.1max
Decomposition temperature,℃ 235min
Recommended processing Temp.℃ 180-230
Prohibited match:Masterbatch, glass fiber, inorganic filler, alkaline additives.They  more or less have an impact on the flame resistance.