Chemical Name:Tetrabromophthalic Anhydride
Brand Name:Greatbay XZ-6100
Equivalent Grade:SaytexRB-49,PHT-4
CAS NO.:632-79-1
Chemical formula:C8Br4O3
Molecular Weight:463.7

As a reaction burning-resistant agent,Greatbay XZ-6100 is used for polyester,unsaturated polyester,epoxy resin.
As additive burning-resistant agent,Greatbay XZ-6100 can be used for polystyrene,polypropylene,abd ABC resin,with antimony trioxide and other
engineering plastics and synthetic materials and composing of fine chemical substance.


Item index
Appearance white or yellowish powder
bromine content ≥67%
Melting point ≥270℃
Sulfhate <0.3%
moisture <0.2%

package:25kg paper bag,junbo bag or as users' required.
             total 20MT in 20'FCL