Ammonium polyphosphate

Chemical name: Ammonium polyphosphate
Brand name: XZ-EF001
Molecular formula:
APP (XZ-EF001) as per the polymerization degree, APP has got three grades, i.e. high polymerization grade, medium polymerization grade and low polymerization grade, and as per the structure, it can be divided into crystalline product and amorphous product. The crystalline product has five varieties , namely from type I to type V. It is in white powder, not easily deliquescent, has got good compatibility with other auxiliaries, insoluble in water, odorless and poison-less. Its gravity is 2.3.
Guaranteed Technical Specifications:
Specifications TFAPP01
Appearance White powder
P2O5 %≥ 69
N %≥ 14
PH Value 6.5-7.5
Solubility g/100ml(H2O, 25℃)< 1.5
Average polymerization (n) 80
Water %≤ 0.5
Size 200-325 mesh
As a fire retardant it is mainly applied to anti-fire coatings, plastics, rubbers, plumber and paper etc. .
Packing and storage:
 Packed in 25 Kg net paper bags.