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Tris(tribromophenyl) cyanurate FR-245

Tris(tribromophenyl) cyanurate

Chemical Name:Tris(tribromophenyl) cyanurate
Brand Name: GREATBAY XZ-2300
Equivalent grade:FR-245
Molecular Formula:  C21H6Br9N3O3
Molecular Weight: 1067.43

CAS NO.:  25713-60-4

General & Use: FR-245 a brominated cyanurate is a proprietary, additive flame retardant. The combination of aromatic bromine and cyanurate provides high FR efficiency and good thermal stability. A major use of FR-245 is in ABS and HIPS. FR-245 combines good UV, impact and flow properties. It is non blooming.

Quality Standard:



White Power

Bromine content


Melting point


Nitrogen content






Size(325 mesh passing)

≥ 98%

Package: 25KG pp bag and 500KG jumbo bag or according to the requirements of the customers